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Frequently Asked Questions

    The LifeScan Diabetes Institute is a global initiative that is the intellectual home for healthcare professionals who deal with diabetes and a trusted place of diabetes learning that becomes a catalyst for diabetes innovation, improved care and better outcomes worldwide. The LifeScan Diabetes Institute provides face-to-face educational opportunities at regional locations, healthcare plans, and academic medical centers. The Institute also hosts a wide variety of digital learning events. Thousands of diabetes specialists have received customized training, including the latest information about innovative practice models and ways to use existing diabetes tools and technologies to meet the needs of patients and providers in their region.

    The curricula vary by location and are tailored to the needs of the healthcare professionals in each country or region. In general, courses emphasize ways to use existing diabetes tools and technologies in real time and cover innovative practice models to solve common patient problems. In the United States, the LifeScan Diabetes Institute provides healthcare professionals with education and training on the safe and effective use of LifeScan's blood glucose monitoring products and software. The courses emphasize ways to use diabetes tools and technologies in real time and innovative practice models to help solve patient problems. As a medical device training program, the LifeScan Diabetes Institute complies with the medical device industry's ethical standards, which are set forth in the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with HealthCare Professionals. In other countries, programs are designed to meet both local requirements and the LifeScan healthcare compliance requirements.

    In each country, the LifeScan Diabetes Institute and affiliates work with the leading diabetes organizations and public health institutes to develop the curricula for the Institute. Institute Faculty, which includes recognized diabetes experts in the respective region, also participates in the design of the curricula.

    Faculty include nationally recognized diabetes experts.

    The curricula vary by region, but generally include in-person instruction, online training resources and training in using new and existing technologies.

    While the decision about which professionals to train differs from country to country, the Institute focuses on those professionals who are the most likely to work directly with the patient, with the goal of making the entire healthcare team more effective and efficient across a greater number of patients.

    Access to CME or CEUs may vary country to country. The education healthcare professionals receive at the Institute in the United States focuses primarily on the use of technology as well LifeScan, Inc. product training. As a result, the Institute curriculum in the United States is not eligible for credit under the current ACCME guidelines, which specifically exclude product training. Outside the US, the Institute provides continuing education credits where allowed under local policies.

    Our goal is to augment and complement existing efforts by reaching those healthcare professionals on the front lines of diabetes care, such as case managers, diabetes educators, dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physicians and physician assistants. Combined with the courses offered by academic centers and the leading diabetes organizations, the goal of the Institute is to provide training that increases the effectiveness of the entire healthcare team in meeting the needs of patients.

    The diabetes products that LifeScan, Inc., markets—such as blood glucose monitoring systems and software programs—are an integral part of effective diabetes therapy. Training LifeScan blood glucose monitoring systems and diabetes management software is an important part of the Institute's curricula in the United States. The goal is to provide the latest information and practical skills to enable healthcare professionals to help their patients live healthier, longer lives.

    The mission of the LifeScan Diabetes Institute is to transform diabetes care from management to mastery. The quality and value of our curricula stands on its own. We have enlisted leaders in diabetes care in each country to participate in developing and delivering training based on science, data and evidence-based medicine. Our courses are intended to address the unmet needs for information and skills training of healthcare professionals working at the community level.

    Ultimately our goal is to help members of the Institute Community, including Institute Alumni, improve patient outcomes by translating the skills and information they acquire at the Institute into their practices and their communities. Our hope is that members of the Institute will think and act differently to manage their patients more effectively. This may include re-thinking how their practices are organized, using technology more effectively and applying new insights into patient treatment.

    Through our website, healthcare professionals can gain access to a number of additional educational opportunities, such as webinars (live and archived), clinical answer videos, summaries of recent scientific diabetes-related publications and more. In addition, we also coordinate "remote" programming, taking face-to-face classes to local communities.

    Depending on the location, there is no or minimal cost to the healthcare professional. The LifeScan Diabetes Institute underwrites program costs for healthcare professionals to attend the Institute, including travel, meals, and accommodations. If you work for the US Government, you must be able to provide proof of approval from your ethics officer in order to qualify to attend a face-to-face course.

    Each country/region has a process for recruiting and selecting attendees. Please see below.

    If you live in the United States, Canada or Australia and have not already done so, please access/create your user profile by registering on All fields within this profile are REQUIRED for all healthcare professionals practicing in these countries. Incomplete information in this section may prevent you from being selected to attend a course. Kindly ensure that you have checked the box indicating that you would like to receive updates, otherwise our system will not reach out to you about upcoming programs.

    If you live outside the United States, Canada or Australia, and have not already done so, please register at We are currently in the process of renovating and expanding our global online presence. As our capacities in countries outside the United States grow, your name, country of origin and email information will be retained and may be transferred to local teams organizing any local Institute programs. As local country or regional Institute websites come online, you may be redirected to their webpages for additional information or registration. We thank you for your patience as we expand our portfolio of resources.

    Due to the large number of respondents to our courses we have developed guidelines that are closely followed. Each attendee must currently be a licensed healthcare professional or have a significant number of patients with diabetes that they are managing.

    The curriculum of classes provided in the United States is specific to the healthcare situation in the United States. Therefore many components of the curriculum developed in the United States would not be relevant to healthcare professionals from other countries. Due to the very high demand for our training inside the United States, we are not able to accommodate attendees from other countries.