About Us

Our Mission

LifeScan Diabetes Institute is passionate about addressing the worldwide epidemic of diabetes through world-class experiential learning. With roots going back to 2007, the Institute has been transforming diabetes care for more than a decade.

Our Approach

We come alongside healthcare practitioners on the front lines of diabetes care as a trusted source of education, training, and support. Through our experiential learning, healthcare practitioners are better equipped to empower people with diabetes to make better use of tools and insights at their fingertips.

LifeScan Diabetes Institute offers:

  • World-class In-person Training and Education Experiences: Hands-on training taught using a participant-centered, adult-education approach
  • Continuing Education through the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists: Self-paced, online continuing education program that focuses on glucose monitoring
  • Clinical Video Answer Series: 2 to 10 minute videos that provide busy healthcare professionals with tips and insights from leading diabetes care professionals
  • Interactive Learning Modules: Online modules covering diabetes related topics
  • Live and On-Demand Webinars: 60-minute webinars on a variety of topics and issues in diabetes, including technology, and behavior change

“The LifeScan Diabetes Institute enables healthcare practitioners around the globe to have access to the most cutting-edge information about innovative practice models and ways to use existing diabetes tools and technologies, all of which facilitate improved patient care and better patient outcomes, With more than a decade of serving health care professionals globally, we remain committed to our mission and look forward to continuing to transform diabetes care and improving patients’ lives in the decades to come.”

Amparo Gonzalez, MPH, RN, CDE, FAADE
Head Global, LifeScan Diabetes Institute