Capillary Blood Glucose Monitoring: Where the Rubber Hits the Road for T2D

06:00 pm 07:00 pm ET

Speakers: Michael Vallis, PhD, RPsych and Nermin Ibrahim, NP, MN, CDE, CPT

Program: 45 minutes + Q&A

Description: Diabetes Canada (DC) recently updated its Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) regarding the role of blood glucose monitoring. Capillary Blood Glucose monitoring (CBG) can benefit PwDs only if the information is of interest to the person and if the results are used to influence behaviour. The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate diabetes outcomes by promoting CBG within a behavioural change format.


  • To reframe the recent DC CBG guidelines from the perspective of the person living with T2D, specifically in regard to disease acceptance, treatment acceptance and readiness for self-management.
  • To describe communication skills that are designed to increase engagement in diabetes self-management as well as urgency to act prior to the development of short- or long-term consequences.
  • To review individual difference factors, such as numeracy, that are critical in aiding a person with diabetes choose the form of CBG best suited to them.
  • To describe behavioural interventions targeted at promoting curiosity in the person with diabetes to actively seek out CBG readings as a means of coping, not a task to be completed.
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