Technology and Emerging Science

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    Speaker: Amy Bucher, PhD

    Patient Engagement in a Digital Health World

    Webinar Description: Patient engagement is a critical component to the success of digital health solutions because these solutions are designed to facilitate behavioral changes, and behavior change requires a high degree of engagement. Amy Bucher, PhD, shares her behavior change expertise specific to digital health interventions. Dr. Bucher will discusses patient engagement principles and provide examples of current technology that is designed to change behavior and enable self-care.

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    Speaker: Korey Hood, PhD

    Glucose Management through Digital Health Solutions

    Webinar Description: The advent of new technologies for glucose management is exciting, but also may be overwhelming to people with diabetes and their clinicians. From the clinician’s perspective, it is not always clear how digital health solutions can be used to engage people with diabetes and optimize their diabetes-related health outcomes. Korey K. Hood, PhD discusses the use of technology in glucose management, and how the technology can be leveraged to promote health behaviors.

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    Speaker: Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, FAADE

    Social Media: Why and How Should Healthcare Providers Engage?

    Webinar Description: The intersection of health care and social media is unavoidable and has transformed the way we communicate as a society. Understanding the value and the potential of this communication channel can be used to enhance professional networking and education along with patient care, education, and engagement. Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, FAADE discusses social media engagement among healthcare professionals.

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    Speaker: Kerri Sparling

    Your Patients Are Online; Why Aren’t You

    Webinar Description: People with diabetes use social media to meet and interact with a community of people with similar experiences, to share information, and to provide and receive support. People now have an insatiable appetite for information as they make daily choices in managing their diabetes. Kerri Sparling speaks about social media use among people with diabetes.