Education and Training

Education and Training

At the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute, LLC we are patient-centered in our approach to care. Through the education we provide in our collaborative learning environment for health care professionals, through service, and through technology, our alumni empower patients with self-mastery of their condition

If you are a health care practitioner working in diabetes, you can partake in dialogue with other practitioners in your area or across the world!

The Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute is a unique training program designed to improve diabetes care for people living with diabetes. We provide training through in-person courses as well as through digital offerings.  Programs offer advanced training in diabetes to healthcare professionals in an effort to transform diabetes care by improving each practitioner’s diabetes knowledge and skills related to their diabetes practice. Our offerings emphasize the areas of diabetes management, behavior change and sustainability.

Through our in-person programs, we offer the experience of living with diabetes including self-monitoring of blood glucose and insulin delivery by insulin pump. We aim to fit the needs of the health care community to achieve the best possible clinical and economic outcomes for patients, providers, payers and policymakers. The Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute offers a non-commercial approach to train health care professionals working in diabetes on the best science and evidence to improve care to their patients. 

Our digital offerings (described below) are available to health care providers who register as Members on  Offerings include regular webinars that Members can register for and attend “live,” as well as archived webinars, “Articles of the Week,” “Faculty Blogs,” and “Clinical Quick Answer Videos.”    In addition, we provide our Members with a Community Message Boards, so they can communicate with each other and share questions, ideas, concerns, and best practices.

A learning journey approach

The Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute seeks to be your trusted source of training and education in diabetes care. We refer to the process of advancing your knowledge and skills, as your learning journey. We wish to foster a long-term learning relationship with you that will help you continue to develop your knowledge and skills to provide the best care possible to your patients, that will enable them to lead the healthiest lives possible.

Wherever you are in your learning journey, the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute is here to support you in transforming care from managing diabetes to mastering diabetes. You can begin your journey now, by taking advantage of one of our online educational offerings. We regularly add fresh offerings to our site, so please come back often!

Please register now and select your country of origin to take advantage of our online educational opportunities and to determine what additional offerings may be available to you.


We offer live webinars on a variety of topics and issues in diabetes care once a month. Join us for exciting webinars using your internet browser and a phone line! If you miss our live webinars, you can always watch them in “replay,” because we archive all of them for your viewing pleasure and your educational development!

Article of The Week

Once a week we review a recent article in the diabetes literature. We briefly summarize it for you, tell you why it is important, and provide a link to the original article. Stay current with the latest diabetes publications!

Educational Tools

We provide our Alumni with some practice tools they first used at our class, such as behavior change tools and reimbursement tools, among others. Other tools, such as those provided as supplementary materials to webinars, are available to all members.

Clinical Video Answer Series

These video shorts are intended to provide busy health care professionals with tips and insights from leading diabetes care professionals around the world on some frequently asked clinical questions.